Centro Jobutsu is a retreat center which embraces rational thought.

What follows are some of our concrete philosophies.

  1. We welcome people and accept that everyone is where they are. Can you open your heart to accept and embrace personal differences? Centro Jobutsu welcomes people of different faiths, philosophies, cultural backgrounds, and physical differences. We are not here to judge anyone – and we ask that guests do the same. Centro Jobutsu is based on an environment of love combined with personal ethics to allow a diversity of people to work well together.
  2. We do not proselytize. While we welcome all faiths, we discourage proselytism. Proselytizing not only makes some people uncomfortable, but it actually tends to discourage intelligent discourse about our different beliefs. Instead, we encourage honest communication and friendly banter. At Centro Jobutsu, we will not hand you literature telling you what to believe.  What we offer is an environment in which you can develop your own spiritual path through a retreat, workshops, classes, and time with nature.
  3. We consider art as a core part of our spirit. Art is not just found in museums – art is always present in our lives, in all of our daily activities, including cooking, conversation, and caring for plants and animals. All activities carry a way of artistic expression. In this way, our life evolves with consciousness and is ordered to live in harmony.
  4. We respect and care for nature. It is incredibly important that we care for our natural surroundings. Centro Jobutsu is located in a permaculture farm, dedicated to diversifying the forest for not only the people, but the birds, animals and plants that we share the land with. We do not litter and we are not wasteful.
  5. We are honest. Some people come to Centro Jobutsu to have personal meditation and contemplation. Others are interested in a social atmosphere. We must realize that we are all on different paths and respect decisions to disengage or engage socially. Similarly, if a fellow visitor does something that is bothersome, we must be honest and forthright about the behavior. We must not take offense at honest criticism, but rather, embrace the honesty and work towards behavior that will have a positive effect on all. Through honesty we can develop personal and group awareness of our effect on each other and on all of our surroundings.

We are not interested in seeking other-worldly truths by means of a mystical experience. We are interested in developing a keen awareness of that which is already present.


Centro Jobutsu is located in the Bosque Village, a permaculture farm and retreat center. Part of the vision behind Centro Jobutsu comes from the concept of permaculture.

Permaculture is a design philosophy based on the idea that we can nurture our natural surroundings in a harmonious and sustainable way. Often permaculture focuses on energy systems and the ways we produce food, but it also encompasses social permaculture. How can we design our culture as a fusion of all the cultures of the world in every detail of human interaction to produce a harmonious and sustainable world?  If we cannot stop causing conflict among ourselves, then all of the energy solutions, and better agriculture methods will not help us be happy.