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February 2018
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Event: Buddhist Gathering : March 11-13


We welcome Buddhists of all traditions to come together in the Bosque.

All are welcome, whether you have just begun practicing Buddhism or have years of experience. It isn’t important if you come from the Theravada tradition or the Mahayana tradition; the fusion of all will have a nice result.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Buddhist individuals and Buddhist organizations throughout North America to come together, share experiences, and to plan how to promote the development of Buddhist thought.
At the end of the weekend you will have new friends, new ideas and new methods for your practice!

We’ll have yoga sessions and meditation every day. Every night we will have campfires. We have many innovative activities planned to develop awareness, tolerance, compassion and peace.

For participants who want to share a guided meditation or a special exercise, please let us know so we can add your activity to our program. There won’t be monks or gurus in charge of the retreat. Each participant will expand their personal knowledge of Buddhism and apply it to their own lives. Please feel free to bring books or videos to share.

The spirit of the forest, kammatthana, will be present everywhere and you can enjoy many remote forested areas to sit alone with nature.

Dress is casual. We invite you to bring any special clothing you want to wear.

All of the meals are included, and are gourmet vegetarian.



  • Sunrise contemplation
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mudras
  • Mantras
  • Walks in the forest
  • Art
  • Massage
  • Sauna


  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • Developing compassion
  • Using meditation to manage emotions


  • Jobutsu
  • Dharma
  • Kharma

Bosque Village is an intentional community with a commitment to nature and humanity. This will be your home throughout the event. Relax and enjoy the contact with nature, eat well and healthy, learn from the workshops, participate in activities and meet people who, like you, seek inner peace through Buddhism.

The event will begin Friday, March 11 at 4:00PM and end Sunday, March 13 at 4:00PM.

Cost is per person, per night:

  • Camping: $250 pesos MXN ($500 pesos total)
  • A bed in a cabaña: $350 pesos MXN ($700 pesos total)

The cost includes food, activities, and a camping space or bed. Private lodging is available; please contact us for costs. Please send your reservation form to reserve a spot in the event!

If you want to arrive before the event or stay extra days to enjoy the peaceful Bosque, please let us know on your reservation form.

—-Upcoming Events—

18-21 March: Spring Equinox Festival
25-27 March: Experiential Tarot Congress
7-10 April: Astrology Congress
20-24 April: Cumbre Yah

Bosque Village also offers space for group and personal meditation all year.

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Event: Mayan Wisdom .:. February 25-28

MAYAN TRAINING – Learn the Wisdom of Time


25 to 28 February 2011

Be the ruler of your own time and enjoy the eternal present.

Mayan wisdom is a tool we can use in the present. It is not just history without current relevance. Since medival times we have lived subject to the concept that time equals money.

The Mayan cosmic vision invites us to be best friends with time itself; knowing that time equals art. With this course you will experience something to take with you forever, and which you can transmit to others. You will live Mayan Wisdom like never before.

MAYAN TRAINING is a unique experience and necessary for all those who are or who want to be friends of time and recognize the importance of following values through a schedule that is based on nature and your life in the here and now. The people who experience together this wonderful event are people like you; Seekers of a better future, who want to learn and share with others the magic experience of life. Throughout the event will have the opportunity to acquire new skills, leaving behind the inertia of the past, giving yourself completely to live up every moment. Meet people who have followed the Mayan calendar for many years and have experience living in connection with the Universe.

MAYA TRAINING aims to give you the primordial tools to change your outlook on life and to become a Contemporary Cosmic Maya. Awaken your consciousness and increase your ability to be present.

The Bosque Village is designed to support your individual experience. Be prepared to work with joy in yourself; physical, mental and spiritual. Training will be both individual and collective, practical and experiential. Immerse yourself in the peace and quiet that this eco-village offers for you. Come and experience the naturally flowing timelessness. Listen to your true essence and aquire the best attitude for life.

Participate in debates, discussions, and exercises. Contemplate nature and be one with it. This event depends on your attitude. Remember WE ARE ALL ONE!


  • Mayan Mudras
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Sunrise and Sunset Contemplation
  • Mayan music
  • Fire dance
  • Guided Meditations
  • Campfires
  • Power Walk
  • Physical Dynamics
  • Art
  • Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage
  • Temezcal – traditional sauna
  • Gourmet Vegetarian Food

Discussion Topics:

  • The Tzolkin
  • 13 Moon Calendar
  • Cosmic Seeds
  • The route to 2012
  • Radial Time
  • Prophecies
  • Telektonon


  • Castle of Destiny
  • Galactic Family
  • The Oracle
  • The 20 Kines
  • The 13 Tones
  • Wavespell

All within the Bosque Village , an eco-village committed to nature and humanity.  The Bosque will be your home in this wonderful event. Come live Mayan Wisdom! Get to know the Mayan Calendar and the different tools on how to live to be master of your time. Enjoy workshops, exercise, great food, meditation, and a relaxing retreat.

Cost of the event (3 nights):
Camping: $ 75 dollars USD
A bed in a cabin: $ 105 dollars USD
The cost includes all meals, all activities and lodging. Send your request for a visit to reserve a space at the event!

If you want to arrive before the event to enjoy the forest or spend a few days after the event, indicate this on your visitor application.

-Upcoming Events-

  • 11 to 13 March: Buddhist gathering
  • March 25 to 27: Experiential TAROT course
  • April 7 to 10: Astrology Congress
  • April 20 to 24: Cumbre Yah
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Event - Camp O ..::.. February 11-14


Experience the Wisdom of OSHO

February 11-14, 2011

Develop your consciousness in order to light up your life.

OSHO: A Master of Eternal Wisdom. His teachings are focused on addressing, from different perspectives, the development of human consciousness to achieve Enlightenment.

“Camp O” is a great opportunity to interact with people who have had contact with the Wisdom of Osho or who are interested in learning more of his teachings through experience. In a world where the energy moves so fast and learning is rushed, this event will allow us to experience Osho’s wisdom directly.

Osho says that through our own consciousness we may achieve enlightenment. According to his teachings, the source of human misery lies in our ignorance of our own nature. Instead, according to Osho, the our true nature lies in our consciousness. Osho left mankind his teachings that we can use as tools with which we can improve our own life.

“Camp O” will make us feel positive about our lives in many different ways.  Consciousness will emerge as a result of practicing meditation. Meditation will be practiced in a variety of ways, allowing the individual to transcend their own ego and discard the false identities imagined by the mind. Come and ignite your inner light to illuminate your way.

The Bosque Village and Centro Jobutsu welcomes you warmly, and will provide all guests with a safe environment to work on spiritual development, individually and collectively, in a practical way.  Enjoy the peace and quiet this place offers for you, making you feel relaxed and at home.

Learn and share the wisdom of Osho near Lake Pátzcuaro at the Bosque Village. Participate in discussions and exercises, attend workshops, and be a part of the dynamic energy. Remember that you are a part of everything.

Your time has come! This is the spiritual experience you’ve been waiting for, that you will forever have in your heart as one of the best experiences of your life.


  • Yoga
  • Contemplation of the birth of the sun
  • Breathing exercises
  • Guided meditation
  • Experimentation with Profound Silence: a state of mental peace
  • Mantras
  • Physical dynamics
  • Graphic arts and sculpture
  • Relaxing therapeutic massage
  • Sauna
  • Gourmet vegetarian food

Discussions and focus of conversations

  • Looking for the ten treasures of Zen
  • Mysteries of the life
  • The new alchemy
  • Return to the beginning: discussions about Zen


  • Life, love, and laughter
  • The Ego, or False Center
  • Man and Woman: The dances of energy
  • Here and now
  • When the shoe is comfortable
  • TAROT: Osho style

All of this is offered in the Bosque Village, an eco-village that is committed to both nature and humanity. The Bosque will be your home for this event, and will give you a chance to experience an alternative style of living: in nature, away from city noises and pollution, in a beautiful forest setting.

Remember that you are one of the stars of this event. Without you, it will not be the same! Participate with us as we create O Camp.

Cost of the event (3 nights)

Camping: $75 USD

A bed in a cabana: $105 USD

The cost includes food, lodging, and all activities. Send your application today to reserve your space at this event! If you want to arrive early or stay late to enjoy the Bosque, you are welcomed!

—-The Next Events—-

  • February 25 to 28: Mayan Wisdom
  • 11 to 13 March: Buddhist gathering
  • March 25 to 27: Experiential TAROT course
  • April 7 to 10: Astrology Congress
  • April 20 to 24: Cumbre Yah
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Event: Yoga Fest the 21st - 23rd of January

January 21-23: Awaken the Vibrancy Within You

This is an event for people searching for a better quality of life.

We are beginning a new year of our lives and have a wonderful opportunity to learn alternative practices that can help improve all aspects of our lives. This can be one of the most healthy and fun events of your lifetime!

Come learn and share this Yoga Fest with people who have experienced the benefits of Yoga culture that includes not only physical postures but also a positive, rejuvenating and healthy lifestyle.

Join us this weekend in the highlands of Michoacán, a suitable place for spiritual practices, with an gorgeous view of Lake Patzcuaro. Participate in workshops, classes, meditation, mantras, Sun Salutations, saunas, massage therapy, vegetarian gourmet food and more.

The objective of this event is to celebrate life and our ability to have complete, holistic experiences. We can learn to live in a better way and learn about different ancient practices of Asian cultures that continue to be practiced around the world. We can strengthen and increase all levels of our health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


  • Pre Yoga (Fitness Psycho – Physics)
  • Sun Salutations
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Mantras
  • Meditations
  • Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage
  • Sauna
  • Discussions
  • Astrological observation with a telescope

The Bosque Village, an eco retreat center committed to nature and humanity, will be your home for this wonderful event. Come and see ways to increase your standard of living, based on daily exercise, good nutrition, meditation and good rest.

Instructor Rocío Zúñiga
Rocio is a contemporary dancer and a graduate of INBA. Her studies in yoga began in New York City at New York University with the teacher Sondra Loring in 1997, then continued with teacher Coyoacán Oscar Velazquez in Mexico City. Her skills are strongest in Hatha Yoga. In 2009 Rocío participated in a graduate intensive course at the International School of Integral Yoga in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with teachers Swamini Swamini Lakshmi and Shakti Yoga. There she worked with different styles including Ashtanga yoga, power yoga, Hatha yoga, and yoga flow. Rocío has taught dancers and actors since 1992, and has been teaching fitness and yoga to the public since 2005.

Instructor Javiero Alcalá
Javiero is a spiritual guide in various spiritual events including ceremonies, rituals, initiation journeys, traditional sweat lodges, and more. He currently works with both children and adults and is an active member of the Universal Great Brotherhood. Courses and workshops that Javiero offers include: Psychophysical gymnastics, Hatha yoga, meditation techniques. Javiero has a certification in Healing Touch Therapy – an alternative therapy that heals through the power of energy in our hands.

Cost (2 nights):
Camping: $50USD
Bed in a cabin: $70USD
Cost includes all activities and meals. Fill out the application to visit on the Bosque Village website to reserve your spot at this event.

If you want to come earlier or leave after the event, to enjoy the Bosque, just let us know on your application, thanks!

— Upcoming Events —

  • February 11 to 14: Camp O – OSHO philosophy
  • February 25 to 28: Mayan Wisdom
  • 11 to 13 March: Buddhist gathering
  • March 25 to 27: Experiential TAROT course
  • April 7 to 10: Astrology Congress
  • April 20 to 24: Cumbre Yah
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