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Event: Mayan Wisdom .:. February 25-28

MAYAN TRAINING – Learn the Wisdom of Time


25 to 28 February 2011

Be the ruler of your own time and enjoy the eternal present.

Mayan wisdom is a tool we can use in the present. It is not just history without current relevance. Since medival times we have lived subject to the concept that time equals money.

The Mayan cosmic vision invites us to be best friends with time itself; knowing that time equals art. With this course you will experience something to take with you forever, and which you can transmit to others. You will live Mayan Wisdom like never before.

MAYAN TRAINING is a unique experience and necessary for all those who are or who want to be friends of time and recognize the importance of following values through a schedule that is based on nature and your life in the here and now. The people who experience together this wonderful event are people like you; Seekers of a better future, who want to learn and share with others the magic experience of life. Throughout the event will have the opportunity to acquire new skills, leaving behind the inertia of the past, giving yourself completely to live up every moment. Meet people who have followed the Mayan calendar for many years and have experience living in connection with the Universe.

MAYA TRAINING aims to give you the primordial tools to change your outlook on life and to become a Contemporary Cosmic Maya. Awaken your consciousness and increase your ability to be present.

The Bosque Village is designed to support your individual experience. Be prepared to work with joy in yourself; physical, mental and spiritual. Training will be both individual and collective, practical and experiential. Immerse yourself in the peace and quiet that this eco-village offers for you. Come and experience the naturally flowing timelessness. Listen to your true essence and aquire the best attitude for life.

Participate in debates, discussions, and exercises. Contemplate nature and be one with it. This event depends on your attitude. Remember WE ARE ALL ONE!


  • Mayan Mudras
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Sunrise and Sunset Contemplation
  • Mayan music
  • Fire dance
  • Guided Meditations
  • Campfires
  • Power Walk
  • Physical Dynamics
  • Art
  • Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage
  • Temezcal – traditional sauna
  • Gourmet Vegetarian Food

Discussion Topics:

  • The Tzolkin
  • 13 Moon Calendar
  • Cosmic Seeds
  • The route to 2012
  • Radial Time
  • Prophecies
  • Telektonon


  • Castle of Destiny
  • Galactic Family
  • The Oracle
  • The 20 Kines
  • The 13 Tones
  • Wavespell

All within the Bosque Village , an eco-village committed to nature and humanity.  The Bosque will be your home in this wonderful event. Come live Mayan Wisdom! Get to know the Mayan Calendar and the different tools on how to live to be master of your time. Enjoy workshops, exercise, great food, meditation, and a relaxing retreat.

Cost of the event (3 nights):
Camping: $ 75 dollars USD
A bed in a cabin: $ 105 dollars USD
The cost includes all meals, all activities and lodging. Send your request for a visit to reserve a space at the event!

If you want to arrive before the event to enjoy the forest or spend a few days after the event, indicate this on your visitor application.

-Upcoming Events-

  • 11 to 13 March: Buddhist gathering
  • March 25 to 27: Experiential TAROT course
  • April 7 to 10: Astrology Congress
  • April 20 to 24: Cumbre Yah
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