Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Centro Jobutsu the same as Bosque Village?
    Centro Jobutsu is part of the Bosque Village. Visitors come to the Bosque on varying tracks. Some come to relax, others to enjoy the library and activities, and others on a spiritual journey.  Centro Jobutsu was created to serve the needs of people on their spiritual journey.
    The Bosque Village is a permaculture farm and forming intentional community. The residents at the Bosque work together and separately on various projects that exist within the Bosque. Centro Jobutsu is one of these projects.
  2. Can I bring a group on a spiritual retreat?
    Yes.  We can help by adding to your program with events we specialize in (meditation, yoga, classes, etc) so that leading your group’s retreat at Centro Jobutsu is easy and fulfilling for all group members.
  3. How far is Centro Jobutsu from a city? Far!  We are an hour’s walk from the nearest town, and a 20 minute walk to a small village where you can catch public transport. Generally expect a 2.5 hour journey from Morelia to Centro Jobutsu.
  4. I don’t consider myself secular.  Am I welcome at Centro Jobutsu?
    Absolutely. While the center is secular, we accept all faiths – that’s part of the goal!  We love a diversity of thought and welcome those who have different opinions and beliefs.  We do discourage proselytizing.
  5. Can I still participate in Bosque Village activities if I attend a Centro Jobutsu retreat?
    Absolutely. The Bosque and Centro Jobutsu welcome people to be part of various activities. Centro Jobutsu simply defines a spiritual track for visitors.
  6. Is there a rule against substance use?
    Yes.  The Bosque Village does have a rule against smoking cigarettes. Please do not come here if you smoke cigarettes. We also prefer guests not bring unhealthy foods.
  7. Are children allowed to attend Centro Jobutsu events?
    Kids are welcome! Children under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  8. How much does it cost to stay at Centro Jobutsu?
    Prices range from $25 – 60 USD per person, per night, depending on your lodging.  The cost includes three meals a day and there are a variety of activities happening depending on the time of year.
    Please see the Bosque Village website. If you are attending a special event or retreat, prices may be higher depending on the person who is running the retreat. Some classes and special services have additional costs.
  9. I have a lot of questions – is it possible to speak over the phone?
    Yes. We use a program called Skype to make phone calls. You’ll need to send us your phone number so we can call you; or, if you use Skype, let us know your username. Please be sure you have read the website prior to requesting a phone call.