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Event - Camp O ..::.. February 11-14


Experience the Wisdom of OSHO

February 11-14, 2011

Develop your consciousness in order to light up your life.

OSHO: A Master of Eternal Wisdom. His teachings are focused on addressing, from different perspectives, the development of human consciousness to achieve Enlightenment.

“Camp O” is a great opportunity to interact with people who have had contact with the Wisdom of Osho or who are interested in learning more of his teachings through experience. In a world where the energy moves so fast and learning is rushed, this event will allow us to experience Osho’s wisdom directly.

Osho says that through our own consciousness we may achieve enlightenment. According to his teachings, the source of human misery lies in our ignorance of our own nature. Instead, according to Osho, the our true nature lies in our consciousness. Osho left mankind his teachings that we can use as tools with which we can improve our own life.

“Camp O” will make us feel positive about our lives in many different ways.  Consciousness will emerge as a result of practicing meditation. Meditation will be practiced in a variety of ways, allowing the individual to transcend their own ego and discard the false identities imagined by the mind. Come and ignite your inner light to illuminate your way.

The Bosque Village and Centro Jobutsu welcomes you warmly, and will provide all guests with a safe environment to work on spiritual development, individually and collectively, in a practical way.  Enjoy the peace and quiet this place offers for you, making you feel relaxed and at home.

Learn and share the wisdom of Osho near Lake Pátzcuaro at the Bosque Village. Participate in discussions and exercises, attend workshops, and be a part of the dynamic energy. Remember that you are a part of everything.

Your time has come! This is the spiritual experience you’ve been waiting for, that you will forever have in your heart as one of the best experiences of your life.


  • Yoga
  • Contemplation of the birth of the sun
  • Breathing exercises
  • Guided meditation
  • Experimentation with Profound Silence: a state of mental peace
  • Mantras
  • Physical dynamics
  • Graphic arts and sculpture
  • Relaxing therapeutic massage
  • Sauna
  • Gourmet vegetarian food

Discussions and focus of conversations

  • Looking for the ten treasures of Zen
  • Mysteries of the life
  • The new alchemy
  • Return to the beginning: discussions about Zen


  • Life, love, and laughter
  • The Ego, or False Center
  • Man and Woman: The dances of energy
  • Here and now
  • When the shoe is comfortable
  • TAROT: Osho style

All of this is offered in the Bosque Village, an eco-village that is committed to both nature and humanity. The Bosque will be your home for this event, and will give you a chance to experience an alternative style of living: in nature, away from city noises and pollution, in a beautiful forest setting.

Remember that you are one of the stars of this event. Without you, it will not be the same! Participate with us as we create O Camp.

Cost of the event (3 nights)

Camping: $75 USD

A bed in a cabana: $105 USD

The cost includes food, lodging, and all activities. Send your application today to reserve your space at this event! If you want to arrive early or stay late to enjoy the Bosque, you are welcomed!

—-The Next Events—-

  • February 25 to 28: Mayan Wisdom
  • 11 to 13 March: Buddhist gathering
  • March 25 to 27: Experiential TAROT course
  • April 7 to 10: Astrology Congress
  • April 20 to 24: Cumbre Yah
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