About Centro Jobutsu

The Jobutsu Spiritual Center

Centro Jobutsu was created to involve secular spirituality within the scope of “practice”.  For some, without dogma, books, and exact doctrine it is nearly impossible to develop spirituality.  The people behind Centro Jobutsu believe that the dogma and doctrine could impede spiritual development.  This in mind, Centro Jobutsu was developed to not only accept but embrace all spiritualities.  As sayings go, “There are many paths to the same moon.”  We do not promote any religion, denomination, cult or otherwise. Our emphasis is on nature, serenity, and peaceful surroundings.

“Jobutsu” means the realization of buddhahood, or to become Buddha.   Enlightenment is not an other-worldly truth that is attained via a mystical experience.  Instead, enlightenment involves an outstanding awareness of that which is already around us and present in the world.  Centro Jobutsu is a simple place for those who want tranquility and connection with nature.

Jobutsu Director: Javiero Alcala

Javiero Alcala is the Centro Jobutsu director.  Javiero is bilingual, specializes in leading naturalistic retreats, and enjoys crafting special retreats for groups with unique interests.  His spirituality, his personality, and his willingness to create lasting relationships has made Javiero an amazing leader.  Javiero conducts weekly yoga classes, meditation, and spirituality retreats at the Bosque.  He is also an architect with a passion for natural building.

Javiero has been leading groups and retreats at the Bosque Village since 2007.  His personal interests include Mayan wisdom and spirituality, Buddhism, meditation and yoga.  He is deeply interested in exploring the sustainable connection between humans and nature.

Javiero began studying Tarot at the Builders of the Adytum in Los Angeles, California. In 2006 he became a student of Alejandro Jodorowsky in Paris, France. Javiero has studied Mayan Wisdom extensively, and he shares this knowledge in study circles and as a speaker at conferences. He acts as a spiritual guide in various spiritual events including ceremonies, rituals, initiation journeys, traditional sweat lodges, and more. He currently works with both children and adults and is an active member of the Universal Great Brotherhood.

Courses and workshops that Javiero offers include: Psychophysical gymnastics, Hatha yoga, meditation techniques, psychomagic, tarot, emotional rhythms, and Mayan wisdom, calendar, and prophesy. Javiero has a certification in Healing Touch Therapy – an alternative therapy that heals through the power of energy in our hands.

Secular Spirituality

Centro Jobutsu accepts all spiritualities, all faiths, and all sorts of people into programs, personal, and group retreats.  Secular Spirituality is a concept developed to embrace the fact that humans can be spiritual without a belief in a deity.   Centro Jobutsu, while a secular location, welcomes humans of all faiths to join the center and embrace our common beliefs.  So long as a faith does not include harming humans, harming nature, or directly proselytizing whenever possible, all are welcome to this magical space.

The Setting

The Bosque Village is an 80 acre retreat center located in the forested highlands of Michoacán, Mexico.  The Bosque incorporates ecological living with spirituality as a way to involve not only technology but thought into crafting the infrastructure of the space.

Fit with 5 cabanas, a sauna, hot water showers, countless camping spots, and shared spaces for indoor or outdoor fires, music, learning, and more, the Bosque is an incredible setting for a retreat.